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Gifts & Flower Delivery Areas:

Nationwide delivery in the Philippines. Same Day in Metro Manila areas. For Luzon and Visayas provinces next day flowers and gifts delivery. For Mindanao provinces maximum of one to two days for your orders to arrive to your recipient. We accept request time for Metro Manila cities.


How to Order

It's easy and simple to place an order in Phgifts.com follow the 6 steps below:

Step1 of how to order Select the gift item that you like to order then click the image to read the complete details and add more product options available. The Category tables on the left side of the website can help you find the item or you can use the Search tool at the upper left of the website.

Step 2 of how to orderClick the Add to Cart Button to add the gift item on your cart. There will be a pop up window if you like to add more gift item click the Continue Shopping Button or the Checkout Button to go to the next step.

* If the pop up window disappear you can see your Cart contents on the upper left side of the website below the Search Tool there is also a Checkout Link so you can go to the next step.

Step 3 of how to orderThis step will show you your cart item you can alter the quantity by typing the number on the box beside the word Qty: and the product other options by clicking the Click here for more details Link and to apply the changes you must click the Update Button. Click the Checkout Button to go to the next step.

* If you wish to remove an item in your cart just click the X beside the item name.

* If you wish to empty your cart click the Clear Cart Link.

* If you wish to add more items click the Continue shopping link then start again the step 1.

Step 4 of how to orderYou will now be at the Secure Checkout page that has 4 sub steps:

1. Signin or Register - this step will allow you to Sigin if you already returning customer or to Register if you are first time buyer then update or fill in the Billing and Shipping Address Forms

* If you click the Register Button you will be creating your account by entering your desired Username,Password,Birthday, Email address and the Verification Code displayed in the box please make sure you provided active and correct email address then click the Continue Button.

* If you already buy before just enter your username,password and the verification code displayed in the box then click Signin Button.

2. Address - Once you click the Signin or Continue Button it will display the Billing and Shipping Address Forms where in you can update if you are a returning customer or if you are first time buyer you must fill up the forms.

* All fields with * are required

3.Payment and Shipping - This will allow you to choose what payment method you wish to use and also the Shipping Method. Once you have selected the payment and shipping method click the Continue Button to go to the next step.

* We accept credit cards,debit cards(Visa/Master logo),Paypal,money transfer and bank deposit(bank deposit is for local customers only)

* Click hereto read more about the Shipping Policy

4. Review and Place Order - This will display again you cart items including the shipping cost and you can also enter you message for the Free Gift Card with a maximum of 200 characters then click the Place Order Button to go next step.

* Mark the "Selecting this check box to accept the Terms and Conditions."

* You can still add more items until this step by choosing from the category tables or using the search tool.

Step 5 of how to orderThis step Depending on the payment method you choose after clicking the Place Order Button:

* If you choose the Buy from 2checkout.com

You will be redirected to the 2checkout.com's website, you can review your cart again then enter the credit card billing informatio then enter your credit card information and wait while it is being processed and once your payment is accepted there will be a link that you must click to return to our website and complete the final step the Step 6.

* If you choose Paypal

You will be redirected to the Paypal's website and can login to your paypal account or create an account if you dont have paypal account yet then your payment will be processed and once your paypal account is charged there will be a link that you must click to return to our website and complete the final step the Step 6.

*If you choose offline payment options like Offline Payment or Bank Transfer

It will go directly to Step 6 the last step then it will display the information you need for Offline Payment and Bank Transfer Payment

* Click here to view the Offline Payment details and instructions.

* Click here to view the Bank Transfer details and instructions.

Step 6 of how to orderCongratulations! You have reach The Final Step. Your order has been received, saved and paid. You will also received an email confirmation from us and from the online payment metod you chose (2checkout or Paypal).

* For Western Union Payment or Bank Transfer the payment instructions and information you need will be displayed.

* Check your Spam,Bulk or Junk folder first if the confirmation emails did not received in your Inbox.

* We will be the one to contact you by email or phone if there is a problem in your order.

* Click here to read more about our our Shipping Policy.

* Click here to know more about PhilFlora.com.

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