About Us

As one of the best florist businesses in the Philippines, Philflora is dedicated to bringing its clients the most beautiful and fresh flowers possible, no matter where they may be in the nation. In the Philippines, we are one of the leading online flower stores, and we provide nationwide flower delivery options that are always on time and always of the highest quality.
Our website has a broad selection of fresh flowers, fruit baskets, gourmet cakes & chocolates, and soft toys. Our large selection of gifts has a few for every holiday, festivities, or other significant moments in a person's life. We're one of the Philippines' fastest-growing gift-giving businesses, and we're working hard to stay at the top!
Where Did We Start?
When we first got involved as a business, our only plan was to offer online flower delivery in the Philippines. But after doing much research and hearing from consumers, we started branching out into other areas. As a result of this, we began selling various gift goods on our website.
Our Purpose and Objectives
It's in our nature as an enterprise to strive for greater things as far as online flowers, and gift delivery services in the Philippines are concerned. With every arrangement we get, we aspire to be better and give our customers better products and services to keep them as customers for a long time. We want Philflora to be the first thing that people in the Philippines imagine when they think of gifts and flowers.
Our top priorities are to give our customers good value for their money and service excellence to have a good time shopping with us. We would like our customers to believe in us and keep coming back. Our goal is to give our customers a wide range of items that aren't just gifts and show how they feel. They can send these items to their loved ones in beautiful baskets.
What Can We Do For you?
At Philflora, you can explore a wide selection of gifts that have also been deliberately chosen for all the important events in a person's life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and more. Freshly picked flowers in bouquets, glass vases, baskets, boxes, and tasty treats like chocolates and cakes are among the many gifts in our large collection.
We have everything you could want to give gifts in one place. You may also discover uncommon and unique floral arrangements at our store, premium flowers, and an exotic assortment of blossoms. We also have different sets of flowers that are good for different occasions and people in your life. Along with a great selection of gifts, we provide customer service around the clock.
Why Should You Pick Philflora?
We try to make good products and give good service. To provide you with excellent flower arrangements and the delectable flavor of our cakes, we only utilize the freshest possible flowers and ingredients in our cakes. In addition, our service providers give the same level of help.
There are hundreds of items in our collection that can meet all of your necessities. We have a great selection and a wide range, so you can choose from many different things. Such as roses bouquet, sunflower bouquet, tulips bouquet, carnations bouquet, gerbera bouquet, stargazers bouquet and even money bouquet.