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6 Benefits of Dried Flowers

(Posted on: 01-03-2022)

6 Benefits of Dried Flowers

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What exactly is dried flower?

Dried flowers are a type of flower preservation in which the beauty and shape of a flower are kept to be used as more permanent home decoration, a meaningful gift, or even as a replacement for fresh wedding flowers. 

Recently, dried flowers have been all over our social media feeds and search engines. They are becoming trendier right now and there's a reason why we're seeing more dried flowers in people's homes, offices, and weddings. When compared to fresh flowers, dried flowers are a terrific investment and are far more sustainable. 

For a good reason, they have several advantages.


1. Long-lasting

Dried flowers have a lot of advantages, one of which is that they endure a long time especially if properly cared for but they do not last indefinitely. The conditions in which your preserved and dried florals are maintained can affect how long they last. Today’s methods ensure the greatest coloration and quality retention. Dried flowers, as you may know, are known for their longevity as well as their 100% natural product identity. Dried flowers endure an average or minimum lifespan of one year, and if kept in glycerin or when they are colored, they can survive up to five or six years. 

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Fresh flowers barely last a week or ten days at most, so dried florals are a fantastic option. They may look as good as or better than fresh flowers, which can cost more for a nice bouquet. Although they are more expensive than fresh flowers, you won't have to sit there watching them wilt and worry about changing the stinky water or pruning the stems in the hopes of extending their life. 


2. Low Maintenance

If you’ve never been able to keep anything green alive for more than a week, then this is for you. Dried flowers are perfect for people who don’t want to spend much time taking care of flowers or having a hard time maintaining their beauty. Dried flowers, unlike fresh flowers, do not need to be watered, or fed in any way. They are beautiful as is and require little work to preserve their attractiveness, which is beneficial for individuals who struggle to maintain fresh flowers and plants appropriately. The options for changing up and personalizing your arrangement are infinite because they don't require any upkeep. It's so simple and carefree to alter, add, and evolve your dried flower arrangement. It means that when it comes to planning and upgrading your arrangement, you may let your imagination run wild.


3. Perfect for event/home décor

Because of the long span life of dried flowers, including them in events that require long hours to end would be more suitable than fresh flowers that wither over time. We must also prepare fresh flowers on the same day of the event while dried flowers can be prepared much earlier. Because dried flowers have gone through a drying process, they will remain natural and attractive throughout the event. Using dried flowers for home decor and event design successfully extends the life of a purchased cut-flower, reducing the need to acquire fresh ones now and then. A well-dried flower can last for many years.


4. Available in all shapes, colors, and sizes

Dried flowers are just real flowers that undergo processes to preserve their features and prevent them from withering. And since all flowers can undergo the preservation process, just like fresh flowers, there are varieties of forms, colors, and sizes to choose from.  From Nigella, Helichrysum, Delphinium, Rodanthe, Soap roses, acroclinium, Sanfordii, and Echinops to Lavender, Avena, Triticum, Phalaris, and Lagurus, there is something for everyone. 


5. Worth your money

Dried flowers offer excellent value for money due to their extended life. They may be more expensive than fresh flowers — prices vary by the vendor – but the quality is unsurpassed. The fact that dried flowers maintain their beauty day after day makes the price worthwhile, especially when compared to fresh flowers, which only last about a week more than dried flowers, which can endure for years.


6. Extremely sustainable

Another advantage of dried flowers is their long-term viability. They are 100% natural and biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly and beneficial. They're also environmentally friendly because they're less wasteful than fresh flowers. Given the growing threat of climate change, the flower industry is attempting to be more environmentally conscious. Some businesses are moving to less hazardous pesticides, and more consumers are being motivated to patronize local flower shops that sell seasonal flowers.

When you consider how often you need to keep buying flowers and how much flower farmers need to produce to keep up with demand, there's still a lot of waste whether you're using flowers as house decoration or to liven up your events. As more individuals become aware of their influence and imprint on the environment, sustainable choices such as dried and preserved flowers are becoming increasingly popular. Dried flowers are also energy and water efficient since they do not need to be preserved in water or in refrigerated containers to stay fresh. They may simply be hung and stored in a dark place.


Can Dried Flowers Grow Mold?

Yes, they can, unfortunately. If you keep your dried flowers incorrectly, they may become moldy. They're low-maintenance, but if you don't store or display them properly, they might result in terrible outcomes. We understand that you may wish to decorate your home with dried flowers, but we highly advise you to keep them out of damp places. During winter, they are locations like your bathroom or your windowsill; usually, your windows are covered in condensation. If you want to use dried flowers to adorn your bathroom, bear in mind that they will ultimately become moldy or wilt since they can't survive the humidity and moisture.

Restoration of Wedding Flowers and Documents after being Water Soaked.


Can Dried Flowers Lose Their Color?

Your dried flowers should keep their color for a long time if they are preserved properly in your house. To guarantee that your dried flowers last as long as possible, read the instructions below on how to care for dried flowers. The color of the blooms will fade after a few years if they haven't been colored. 


How Should I Take Care of Dried Flowers?

How to Press Flowers | Better Homes & Gardens

Whether you have dried flowers in a wreath or arrangement or single dried flowers for craft projects, you must take care of them to ensure that they survive as long as possible. Dried flowers are actually extremely simple to care for; all you need are a few pointers to keep them looking lovely for years to come. They are delicate and will deteriorate with time. Since they are a natural product, they will not completely suspend in time permanently, but they will last for years if properly cared for. And, in my opinion, their ever-changing look just adds to their allure!

Follow these techniques to extend the life of your dried flowers:

  •     Never water your dried flower!

Dried flowers, unlike their fresh counterparts, dislike water. It weakens and molds their stems. So make sure to keep them warm and dry at all times.

 Do not place it under direct sunlight:

Direct sunlight could cause the dried flowers to naturally fade over time. This is part of their allure, and it should be savored as much as any other occasion. However, keep them out of direct sunlight if you want to preserve their original colors.

Be gentle.

Flowers that are dried tend to be more delicate and they're just getting more so as time passes. Don't be alarmed if you see some grasses, petals, or little blossoms fall off the grasses. You can collect these treats and use them creatively in new ways. If you have lavender fallout, for example, gather it in a little bag to touch and sniff for a soothing blast of aroma. Handle your flowers with caution because they are delicate and prone to shedding if handled frequently.

Put it in a quiet place.

They work best in a place where there isn't much movement. It's probably not a good idea to put them on a dining table where they'll be moved about a lot. They'd look better on a side table or in a more permanent location.

Keep out of reach of little children and pets.

To keep them looking their best for as long as possible, keep them out of reach of children and dogs as they may try to touch it. They're also not edible. This is to avoid being destroyed, becoming stuck in furry coats, or being squashed by small hands, and to keep them from ending up in little mouths.

 Avoid humidity.

Keep dried flowers away from high-humidity areas. They may become limp and discolored, or even moldy, as a result of this. When flowers that are maintained in a glycerin solution are exposed to moisture, they may "weep" off the stems or pores and spill onto adjacent surfaces. If the leaking is coming from a stem, consider using hot glue or wax to seal it.

Good airflow.

Maintain sufficient circulation around your flowers to avoid temperature swings. They don't require direct circulation from an open window, although they may grow moist in a stagnant or humid environment. They might grow moldy if they get wet. Vases may sometimes trap moisture and humidity, so check the stems in the vase every now and again to make sure they're nice and dry. Consider placing flowers in a different vase if they appear to be damp.

 Make sure they are dust-free.

Dust may be removed by spraying compressed air, the one marketed to clean electronics, over dried flowers. And since the spray comes out quickly, keep the can away from the flowers.

If you take good care of your dried flowers, they will serve you well for months, if not years. They are genuinely unique and deserving of particular attention. If you follow the advice above, you'll be able to offer your flowers the greatest possible care.

Dried flowers are, in general, a wise investment. They are a more cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers, which only last 7-10 days at best. They may cost twice as much as a bouquet of fresh flowers, but they look fantastic. And did I mention they'll last you for a long time?

Why not give some of these tips a try now that you have some more tricks in your sleeve for ensuring the lifespan of dried blooms? Take a peek at Flower Shop in Davao | Online Flower Delivery in Davao | Davao Flower Shop for dried flowers delivered directly to your letterbox if you want to reward yourself or someone special. Please contact us if you have any questions about dried flowers.

What To Do With Dried Flowers?

I will also give you some tips on different ideas you can make out of your dried flowers. Here are some:

1. Make a fragrant room spray with essential oils and alcohol, as well as a flower for additional sweetness.

2. Pressed flowers or leaves may be attached to paper and then be displayed for all to see.

3. Put them in a clear frame after pressing them.

4. To prepare a lovely bath salt combination, save dried rosebuds and calendula petals.

5. Make flower petal paper that may be framed, used to embellish cards, or wrapped around little gifts.

6. Dried flower petals may be used to make colorful and environmentally friendly confetti.

7. Make your own sage stick with your favorite flowers and herbs.

8. To make an ombré feature wall, hang dried flowers upside down from darkest to lightest.

9. Gift wrap with tiny dried flowers and greenery.

10. Add your favorite dried flowers on your phone cover to have them with you at all times.

11. Tape flowers to your notebook as a decoration and a remembrance of where you collected or purchased them.

12. To add more greenery and flower tones to your living room, make botanical coasters.

13. Place pressed flowers in glasses and a decanter. 


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