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The Different Types of Bouquet Flowers | Flower Bouquet Delivery in Manila

(Posted on: 21-12-2022)

A bouquet is a grouping of flowers arranged uniquely. It can be made for a house or public building decoration. They can also be carried around to be given to someone special on their special day, whether for different occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Mother and Father's Day, or Anniversaries. 


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Types of Flower Bouquet

You can pick any flower bouquet of your liking. Below are some types:

Nosegay Bouquets

The nosegay bouquet is regarded as one of the most well-liked types of wedding bouquets. They usually look like circles and are small and simple. In nosegay bouquets, various flowers are put together in a neat way. The stems of each flower are cut to the same length, and then they are tied securely with a beautiful ribbon made of silk or cotton. In some cases, it can substitute a simple wire.


Round Bouquets

One of the most popular flower arrangement styles is this type of bouquet. Round-shaped bouquets are appropriate for various occasions, whether formal or informal. They're available in various sizes, flower shapes, and color combinations. Flowers remain the main attraction despite ferns, leaves, and other types of vegetation in round bouquets. If the flowers have a rounded shape, they can use them in these bouquets.


Pomander Bouquets

Pomander bouquets are truly unique. They include a ribbon handle or a string on the back so the bride can carry it like a handbag. Alternatively, outdoor weddings can be placed throughout the site or hung from trees, while it can wear a smaller version around the wrists of the bridesmaids, flower girls, and other guests. Gems and diamonds are frequently used as embellishments on or around the blossoms of pomander bouquets, which enhances their beauty.


Types of Flower Arrangements

Single Flower Type

This floral arrangement is clean and simple because it only has one type of flower. You can sometimes use greenery to give the arrangement more structure, but this aesthetic of arrangement generally only has one form of flower.



A monochromatic arrangement is one in which all of the flowers are the same hue. For example, it could be a bouquet made entirely of pink blossoms or white blooms. Monochromatic bouquets often leave an impact on guests and are always stunning.



Centerpieces are beautiful floral arrangements that have been used for years and are universally adored. Vases with dimensions of four by four inches or even five by five inches in diameter are often used for the delivery of floral arrangements of this size. Though most often used as cocktail arrangements or sprinkled among product displays, centerpieces can also be inserted into corners of floral walls and various other applications. A centerpiece is an iconic arrangement that doesn't go out of style.


Bud Vase

"Miniature arrangements" is another way to talk about bud vases. Because they may be easily matched in terms of color, mood, and design, bud vases are typically used to supplement larger arrangements in centerpieces and bar settings. They can use them in conjunction with larger arrangements as complementary accent pieces and assist fill empty spaces. Bud vases typically contain fewer stems than their larger counterparts, but they still contribute to the overall feeling of a well-designed event's décor by making it feel complete.


Bar Arrangement

Compared to the traditional centerpiece arrangement, a bar arrangement exudes elegance and sophistication, enticing attendees to a different place for the event. The most interesting bar decorations are put on the bar, on both sides of the busy area.


Long and Low

It's a cousin of the classic centerpiece. In most cases, they'll be discovered in long, rectangular vases that are rather close to the surface. Long and low arrangements can give greater volume since they are dispersed throughout a larger surface area. Aside from that, long and low arrangements for product displays are effective since they split up the objects while keeping everything visually appealing.


If you don't know what flowers to pick for your special someone or what flowers resemble them, continue reading for tips.


Flower Varieties and Their Representation


Sunflowers represent affection, loyalty, and long life. Its namesake, the sun, is responsible for most of the symbolic significance of sunflowers. Unlike other flowers, these are special because they can supply energy in the form of sustenance and vibrancy—attributes that are like those exhibited by the sun and the energy it provides in the form of heat and light. Sunflowers are widely regarded as "happy" flowers, making them the ideal present for bringing happiness to someone's (or you're) life. 



Tulips are associated with the concept of perfect and deep love, which is well understood. For generations, tulips have been associated with the concept of love since they are a classic flower that has captured the hearts of many people. If you have a profound, unconditional love for someone, they are the perfect gift to present to them, whether it's your partner or children, your parents, or your siblings.



A flower with historical and mythical significance, the peony has been associated with various meanings and symbolism throughout history and mythology. Many people associate peonies with feelings of love and prosperity. They also associate them with a happy marriage, wealth and honor, and compassion. However, peonies can also be associated with feelings of bashfulness.


White peonies are symbolic of modesty, making them an excellent choice for occasions when you've said or done something wrong and want to express your regret. Wedding bouquets made of pink peonies are extremely popular since they represent good fortune and wealth. Red peonies represent love, passion, honor, and respect. Whatever stage of your relationship you're in, we're confident that a large arrangement of red peonies will make your significant other feel special.



Delphiniums are cherry and good-will-bringing flowers that also protect the plant. In addition to conveying encouragement and gladness, delphiniums are used to commemorate the passing of loved ones. It should be noted that delphiniums are also July's official birth flower. Delphiniums are available in four colors representing different meanings: red, yellow, orange, and purple. They are mostly found in blue, which is a color that symbolizes dignity, and the ones in shades of white, pink, and light blue represent youth and rebirth, respectively.



The chrysanthemum is associated with a wide range of meanings all around the world, including Mums are traditionally associated with life and rebirth in Asia; in several European countries, mums are associated with sympathy or loss; while in the United States, mums are associated with optimism, joy, and longevity.


Red chrysanthemums are a symbol of intense love and passion. Yellow chrysanthemums are a symbol of unrequited love or heartbreak. White chrysanthemums are a symbol of faithfulness and honesty. Violet chrysanthemums represent a yearning to recover from illness.



Carnations in a lighter shade of red convey admiration, while a darker shade conveys intense passion. White carnations indicate pure love and good fortune, whereas striped (variegated) carnations represent grief over a love that It cannot share. The carnation is the flower associated with persons born in January.



The hydrangea is a flower that expresses thankfulness, grace, and elegance. It also gives off a sense of plenty, thanks to the many flowers and the round shape of the arrangement. Its colors are symbolic of love, harmony, and tranquility.


Pink hydrangeas are a bloom that shows how much you care. Blue hydrangeas are a sign of both coldness and regret. White hydrangeas are a type of flower that stands for bragging or talking about yourself. Purple hydrangeas represent a desire to gain a thorough understanding of someone.