Customized Bouquet


(Posted on: 01-03-2022)


What are dried flowers?

Dried flowers are those flowers that have gone through the process of preservation. It means that the beauty and shape of one or more flowers are preserved, so they can use them longer than those that are not preserved or still fresh. It can be used as a more permanent home or office decoration. Dried flowers can also be a meaningful present to someone or an alternative flower to fresh ones.

They can also find some dried flowers in most desserts, where they decorate and make a beautiful presentation of cakes and other sweet things. Also, they said that most of the dried flowers make a perfect tea if you blend them.


Where can I find dried flowers?

If you want dried flowers yet the appearance looks fresh and beautiful, there's this leading online flower shop in the Philippines that sells them, named Philflora.

Philflora flower shop has been around and caring for their customers with their good and very pleasing service. They sell a variety of flowers and arrange them according to the emotions and feelings you want to express to someone or for any occasion, such as celebrating your happy moments, little things, or times where you feel lost.

Another benefit of Philflora is that you can have your arrangement delivered on the same day you order it. The covered areas for same-day delivery are around Metro Manila and other nearby cities. They also have discounts and other promotions on their products for every other occasion.


Fossilized flowers of Philflora

Philflora offers fossilized dried leaves crafted to form a beautiful, wonderful flower. They have various arrangements of it, and the products are budget-friendly. Here are the lists of the beauty of fossilized flowers of Philflora.



The protea fossilized flower arrangements are one of the dried flower bouquets featured on Philflora's website. In this bouquet, you will love the beauty of the protea flower, which signifies the embracing of uniqueness and diversity. It also conveys the boldness to create something new and accept the inevitable changes. Philflora offers this flower with your chosen wrapper color, such as the black-gold combination, maroon, white, and more on their menu. It comes with its signature ribbon design to add more elegance to the bouquet.

Suppose you want more stems of protea flowers that are arranged only in one beautiful bouquet. In that case, Philflora also offers another set of dried flowers that comes with three stems designed with their signature ribbon and using dried fillers such as eucalyptus and trigons, anahaw leaves. That is only for PHP799, and you can give this to your special someone to celebrate happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and more joyous ones.



Depending on which countries are on it, this simple dried peony flower can mean various things and have a variety of meanings. But generally, the peony flower symbolizes love, honor, one's happiness, wealth, romance, and lasting beauty. And it is traditionally given as a present on special occasions as an expression or message of goodwill, all the best wishes, and joy.

With the creation of their expert florist, you can have this fossilized peony flower to be a present to your loved ones. It is decorated with many lovely types of filler, and you can order it and arrange it with your chosen wrappers such as burlap, Kraft, and the various colors of wrappers.

And if you want to try and have many peony dried flowers, you can choose the three stems of peony fossilized flowers from their shop. Their peony dried flower arrangement is an ideal gift for everyone, such as your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, or dad, for any occasion. The three stems of pink dried peonies are artistically wrapped with your likable wrapper and decorated with ribbons that are both perfectly matched.


What's more to offer with this dried flower? It is none other than mixing all the different colors of dried mixed roses into one bouquet: pink, yellow, purple, or blue. It can be one of your unique gifts to someone, and it can also have various fillers decorated with it. A dried rose can still represent your everlasting love, romance, and affection. It is a perfect gift and will add to the collection of your loved ones who collect various dried flowers, especially for your girlfriends or moms, to make them more happy and excited. These mixed roses and dried flowers can be wrapped in different wrappers, and you can choose what you like.



Philflora's online shop also offers another set of dried flowers designed inside the box. It includes various colors of dried peony, protea, and, recently added to the list, dried trigons. These fossilized flowers are carefully arranged by their florist inside the medium-sized boxes that come in various shapes, such as square-shaped, heart-shaped, or round-shaped boxes, and all of them are colored black to highlight the dried flower and shine so brightly. Dried flowers in a box can be given to your loved ones on any occasion and can decorate their home as it has its stand. All of these dried flowers are not extremely costly at all.



One of the most unique and elegant fossilized flower bouquets that Philflora can offer is the fossilized flowers with chocolate. Whether a dried peony, a dried protea, or dried trigons, each flower was meticulously hand-arranged by its florist, and the bouquet looks more elegant and beautiful because of the mouthwatering Ferrero Rocher chocolate around it. Philflora offers the sweetest and lovely dried flower bouquets in various wrappers; it can be the gold-black combination, which gives the visual a fancy look; they also have blue, maroon, burlap, Kraft, and more combinations. It is perfect for any occasion to satisfy and make your loved ones happy.



And last but not least is Philflora's three stems of the fossilized rose bouquet. These bouquets are arranged with three stems of Roses and decorated with eucalyptus, misty flower, anahaw, trigons, and gypsophila as fillers. It comes in perfect wrappers that you can customize, such as traditional burlap for simplicity, colored wrappers for elegance, or Kraft paper with their signature ribbon for a unique look. Their florist is very creative when it comes to styling bouquets. That gives you a better visual of the result of your confession of love and affection. It will make your loved ones feel unique and special.


The Philflora shop is offering these fossilized flowers at a very affordable price. You can check out more beautiful arrangements of fossilized flowers and other bouquets when you visit their website, You will never be disappointed with their arrangements, prices, and quality, as well as their customer service and delivery. Order your chosen flower arrangements, too, and experience everything well with Philflora.