Expansion of flower bouquets during generations to generations in the Philippines

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Expansion of flower bouquets during generations to generations in the Philippines

(Posted on: 27-02-2020)

Some people look back passionately on dating, generations ago, with romantic ideas of better values, less restricted and more personal but somehow it began to change today, Millenials chose their own partners, and they only focused on romance rather than on the practical matters that might help them to grow both sides.

Dating is a temporary place or must be a safe place for getting to know someone. Courtship is done to show positive intentions. Individuals today spend hundreds of peso to express their love and sentiment through a beautiful array of flowers. So how did flowers carry such meaning? Did you know how the tradition of flower giving first began?


Traditionally, flowers were not totally put in a bouquet it is simply picked and then handed to a special girl, Basically, the Filipino culture most especially on provinces, courtship then was the harana style. The man trying to win the lady's love. They would serenade her from beneath her window then he would visit the girl’s family, introduce himself to the parents and held the hands as a sign of respect. Then, he would ask permission to court the girl, The suitors would visit the girl regularly together with a piece of fresh flowers and do some task to prove the sincerity of his love and good intentions for the lady, Our ancient ancestors used flowers long ago to express meaning and sentiment. A single flower may express love, or simply be a caring gesture. Throughout human history, flowers have specific meanings and may remain a part of human connection.


 The special meaning behind giving or sending flowers has been an important part of various cultures for thousands of years and it is universal. In the days before hanging out and getting drinks, courting was a formal and dignified venture. During the Victorian Era(old times), a romantic language developed around the giving and receiving of flowers. It shows expressing affections/feelings, thoughts to special for mere words. Flowers were held or presented layers of meaning and communicated a gentleman’s intentions and feelings. Each bouquet contained a restricted message for a lady to eagerly interpret.

 Flowers are always been admired because of their beauty and color and were often included in ancient culture. When choosing floral gifts for the object of your affection, it is a must to keep in mind the symbolic meaning of flowers you choose. Selecting blossoms with deeper meanings that are related to love can make the receiver feel your sincerity and carefulness selecting and expressing the sentiments even without words. symbolism and connotations may be attached to the types of flowers, according to the culture. Courtship during the old-time was fashioned or traditional compared to the present.


Nowadays a new era has come. Youth tend to find something unique, eye-catching any don't settle for a simple design. They believe that a simple piece of the flower will turn elegant. Flowers need to be well presented or should have a pleasing appearance. Those with an aesthetic sense like to admire beautiful things. People throw off their love and choose to express their affection and devotion by giving gifts most especially flowers. With that said, you should plan to send flowers on an early date, just to sure that the person you're seeing knows that you care about them.


  Flower bouquets become very well known, It has different fillers in the interior attached in the bunch of flowers (roses, daisies and other) An attractive physical appearance is an added advantage. A physically attractive bouquet is well arranged and, can impress upon people.  Combinations of color have something to do with the appearance of the bouquet, for example, the wrapper color and ribbon. Bright or Dark color wrapper and Light color ribbon is a compliment and vice versa also do. For the best flowers to give to a girl, apparently pink roses are the best choice according to buyers. People today can send flowers to their loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

Even women nowadays might forget the meanings of flowers but giving flowers dates can turn back thousands of years. Researchers state the positive effect of flowers on people’s mental health and emotions.


Many will argue that it is much value to be found in buying a bouquet of flowers that will perish in a week and but even the petals will wilt, the value is still there. Yes, in fact, Flowers in the surroundings or in a workplace will increase productivity, it also promotes healing ill patients. They also bring true joy to the ones who receive it. The beauty itself attracts who sees it.



 Millennials crave resonance and excitement. They are very conscious of fashion and appearance. same as the gifts they also want more unique. There mindset as it was to other generations. During the upcoming peak season or Valentine's season, Millenials are shaking and tend to be crazy. This season creates hopes and expectations. Therefore everyone is planing one or half a month for the preparations for Valentine's Day. They also make an advanced reservation to assure that the flowers and gifts will arrive on time. Many flower shops we're fully booked. Some who run out of their time are too desperate to place an order even though it is beyond the cut off time or last minute before the valentines. They tend to pay double or triple peso just to send flowers to their loved ones.


There are many different arrangements of bouquet styles from which to select. Numerous buyers typically choose the shape of their bouquets according to popular trends at the time of the occasions

As of today, they like something different, want some amazing ideas and proposals for every occasion, Here are some examples of flowers or bouquet you can choose on any occasion. It includes the following:

During his or her special day or birthday, Millenials much appreciated pink roses during birthday and debuts, Those pink roses symbolize feminity and sweetness.


In anniversaries, red roses are the traditionally picked flower. These red roses stand for admiration, devotion and longing pure love

 It also conveys your deep feelings towards your significant one.

Valentine's Day is a most critical season on which people are crazy and this moment will take a hard time choosing one bouquet over a hundred stunning arrangements. Red roses stand out among gerbera, daisies, carnations, stargazers, and other beautiful flowers, prices don't matter even it is too high.

 Get well soon flower also takes a hard time to choose, nothing will brighten his days and cheer his heart by sending a bunch of flowers from someone he loves. Roses, carnations but Stargazer bouquet is the ideal choice, white stargazers and pink stargazers convey a message exactly like "Feel better! Hope for your quick recovery,"


For welcoming a newborn baby, your mom or wife just went through 9 months of discomfort and pain. Plan, least you can do is buy her some fresh flowers because these bright color flowers will boost her mood to positive. Plus, flowers are totally appropriate for a new birth or a baby. These welcoming flowers Gerberas are the most appropriate, it represents joy and new life.  Same as carnations these colored gerberas are long-lasting and may last until a week even it is cut.


Saying sorry, accept your mistakes, be sincere of your words together with your actions. If you did something bad or offensive, you must do apologize instead of sorry. Try to buy her a bunch of flowers and held it to her, much better personally. It will be clear to her that you're very sorry and sincere about what happened.  Roses are the ideal flower and it might be color red or pink. These combinations of roses will send a Saying Sorry message "I'm very sorry, I think we have our wires crossed out or you two have a misunderstanding. Pink Stargazers flowers will be another choice.  Pink colors are most likely for love and appreciation, it didn't matter the gender of the receiver. The pink color does not only signify Thank you but it also says I'm sorry my dear,


Like welcoming a new birth, Mother's Day is also an occasion that needs to be celebrated, Tulips and Stargazers are the best choices, and it is a simple way of being grateful and a way of appreciating the 9 months of pain because of pregnancy or mothering. Sending a bouquet of tulips or lilies to your mother or wife is so much to them and surely it will be appreciated.


Congratulating on Graduation or having any success, Sunflower flowers are one of the stunning choices, its color convey a positive mood that also brightens the mood of your recipient.


Wedding bouquets, Bridal bouquets are the special thing at a wedding, it symbolizes fellowship or sociability and this flower also believe to avoid misfortune in life and traditionally, at the end of the ceremony the flower will throw backward and the next bride will be who catches the bouquet. A favorite wedding flower is the roses because it has different meanings depending on the shade. Red rose symbolizes passion, a white rose means pure, and a pink one means admiration, however the peach roses and white stand out among the other flower. These two colors signify pure and sincere intention towards to the family you will build in.


Sending this sympathy flower is a great way to show your heartfelt and sincere emotions towards the family of those who lost. Death Anniversaries in Filipino Culture is one of the most important occasions in Filipino family life. In the Philippines, the death of a relative is an opportunity to build up ties in the family. Being together is a sign of respect and honor for the relationship to the deceased even you are abroad or overseas.

Lilies or what so-called the white stargazers are the top flowers used in a funeral or sympathy service because it implies your purest condolences.

 Carnation flowers will also do, this flower is a popular choice, and they can last long

 Even they are already cut. Light pink carnations and white implied a sincere feeling.


In Summarization, in the ancient year's bouquets, we're not yet too popular. It is stated earlier that during the getting to know stage before, the flower is only held per piece and because of the special mind and creative imaginations of our ancestors, the simple piece of the flower turns into a stunning bouquet with fillers and time passes by generations the bouquet itself expand and expand until it undergoes on different designs, color, sizes and appearance depending on the mood of the florist. Yes, days, years are changing, cause there is no permanent in this world. Change is the only permanent thing in this world as per our professor and Even the past generation goes by the value of flowers is not forgotten and still connected in human life.


No matter how much you're busy make sure to be extra sweet to those people you love. You never know how much this little effort can do to them. Have a perfect time create an amazing proposal and preparations. Gather your significant ones to have them join you do a little party.

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