Customized Bouquet

Flowers And Chocolates Combo

(Posted on: 03-05-2022)

Surprise your sweetheart with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. Our flower arrangement features roses and carnations, with a beautiful assortment of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in a beautiful bouquet. Order now and put a smile on their face.


Black Gold (24 Pcs) Praying For You

A Bite of Happiness

Maroon (24 Pcs) A Tempting Fusion

Kraft (24 Pcs) Affable

Abaca Burlap (24 Pcs) Amorous

Black Gold (12 Pcs) Artful, Lovingly Made Bouquet

Kraft Jute (12 Pcs) Beautiful Scrumptious

Chinese Burlap (12 Pcs) Best Fit Bouquet

Bewitching Taste and Love

Purple Gold (6 Pcs) Blissful Blend

White (6 Pcs) Caramelly

Cheerful Chewy Combination

Black Gold (24 Pcs) Cheery Combined

Blue / Purple 24 Crunchy Fascination

Dainty Combo

Kraft Jute/kraft 24 Dreamy, Dearest Bouquet

Abaca Burlap/ch 24 Exact Match Bouquet

Extraordinary Meld

Purple / Blue 12 Fascinated Mixed Cravings

White / Maroon 12 Glamorous Bouquet

597 Kraft 12 Hand Tailored Surprise

Hand-Candied Bouquet

Black Gold 6 Handmade Passion

Hearfelt Integration

Maroon / White 6 Home Sweet Home

Ideal Addition

Ideal Mate

Incredibly Tasteful and Beautiful


Kraft 36 Majestic Pair

Chinese Burlap 36 Meld With You

Mingle Around

Blue / Purple 12 Mixed Emotions

My Beloved

My Emotions

My Hand-Selected Gift

Black Gold 24pcs My One And Only

My Stylish Choice

Nutty Amour

One-Of-A-Kind Bouquet

Overjoyed Combination

Perfectly Companion Bouquet

Perfectly Imperfect Bouquet

Pleasant Surprise

Pocket Friendly Bouquet

Powerful Blend

Pretty and Sweet

Pretty Much Everything

Pure Match Bouquet

Rapture Bouquet

Ravishing Bouquet

Real Match Bouquet

Regal Combinations

Right Combination

Seductive Sentiments

Soft Twist

Stunning and Indulgent Bouquet

Sweet Elegance Bouquet

Sweet Mimi

Sweetest Escape

Tasteful and Mesmirizing

The Exceptional

The Overmatch

Totally Compatible

Ultimate Choice

You Are My Favorite

Your Radiant Love