Meaning of Roses Color

(Posted on: 23-07-2023)

Roses have been enchanting humanity with their exquisite beauty and captivating fragrance for centuries. But did you know that beyond their aesthetic charm, each rose color carries a unique and heartfelt message? Often regarded as messengers of emotions, roses have a language of their own. Whether you're expressing love, friendship, gratitude, or sympathy, the color of the rose you choose can speak volumes. In this blog, we unravel the Meaning of Roses Color, allowing you to communicate your feelings with finesse and elegance.


What's the meaning of rose colors?

The meaning of rose colors can vary depending on cultural, historical, and personal contexts. Roses, being one of the most popular and cherished flowers, have been assigned different meanings based on their hues. Here are some common interpretations associated with different rose colors:


Red Rose: Traditionally, red roses symbolize love, romance, and passion. They are often given as a declaration of love or to express deep affection for someone.

Pink Rose: Pink roses generally represent gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. They can also convey gentleness, grace, and joy. Light pink roses can symbolize sweetness and innocence, while darker shades may convey gratitude and appreciation.

White Rose: White roses are associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They are often used in weddings and can also represent reverence or sympathy, making them common at funerals.

Yellow Rose: Yellow roses traditionally signify friendship, joy, and happiness. They can be given to express platonic affection, celebrate friendship, or offer well-wishes.

Orange Rose: Orange roses convey enthusiasm, fascination, and excitement. They can be used to express admiration or to celebrate someone's accomplishments.

Lavender or Purple Rose: These roses symbolize enchantment and love at first sight. They are often given to express fascination or to convey a sense of wonder for someone.

Peach Rose: Peach roses represent gratitude, appreciation, and sincerity. They can be given to show thanks or to express modesty.


Fuchsia Pink Roses Meaning

Fuchsia pink roses are a stunning and captivating variation of the classic rose, known for their vibrant and bold hue. The meaning of these roses differs from that of red, white, or even pink flowers. Fuchsia pink roses convey deep love and respect for someone special. They are a perfect mix of beauty, admiration, and appreciation.

The meaning of bright pink roses is more fun and lighthearted than that of red roses, which means passionate love. They often stand for respect and thanks, a great way to thank friends, family, or teachers for their help and care.

These bright flowers can also be given as a sign of a new romance or crush. They represent the early stages of love and attraction. Because of this, they are a popular choice for starting a new relationship or letting someone know how much you admire them.

In essence, bright pink roses represent the joy of giving and getting love, making them a great choice whenever you want to show love, respect, or praise. Whether to mark a special occasion or make someone's day, these beautiful roses are sure to leave a warm and loving impression.


Baby Pink Roses Meaning

Baby pink roses are delicate and charming flowers that hold special significance in the language of flowers. These soft flowers send a message of admiration, love, and happiness. They stand for beauty, innocence, and kindness. Baby pink roses are often used to show respect and say "thank you" because their soft, pastel color represents sweet feelings and feelings of thankfulness. As with all roses, the meaning of baby pink roses can be a little different based on culture and person, but in general. They are a lovely way to show warmth and care.


Pomelo Roses Meaning

Pomelo roses, also known as "pomelo-colored roses," are a unique and captivating variation of the classic rose flower. The pomelo fruit, known for being big and bright yellow or pale green, gave these roses their name. In the same way, pomelo roses have a unique color that is a mix of bright yellow and soft green. That gives them a beautiful and refreshing look.

Pomelo roses have more than one meaning in the language of flowers, where each flower has its meaning. Also, the pomelo rose's soft green undertones add a sense of peace and rebirth, representing growth, unity, and new starts.

Pomelo roses are a beautiful and essential flower choice that captures the spirit of happiness and hope, whether used as a single stem or as part of a bright bouquet. Their unique color and cute symbols make them popular for people who want to show their loved ones how much they care and wish them well on special occasions.


Orange Roses Meaning

Orange roses are a captivating variation of the traditional rose, distinguished by their vibrant and warm hues. These beautiful flowers have a special meaning that makes them stand out from other types of roses. While red roses signify love and passion, and pink roses signify admiration and thanks, orange roses say something different and lively.

The most important meaning of orange roses is excitement and interest. When you give someone an orange rose, it shows that you are interested in them and admire them. These bright flowers are the perfect way to show someone who has caught your eye or piqued your interest how much they mean to you.

Just like with other rose colors, the meaning of orange roses can change slightly based on the situation and culture. Still, their bright and unique appearance makes them an excellent choice for many events, such as parties, showing thanks, or just making someone's day with a burst of joy and respect.


Purple and Lilac Roses Meaning

Purple and lilac roses are captivating and enchanting floral wonders that carry deep symbolism and emotions. Unlike red roses, which usually mean love and passion, purple and pink roses have many meanings. That makes them a popular choice for many different events and feelings.

These roses are often linked to magic, excitement, and falling in love at first sight. They show awe and wonder that comes from meeting someone or seeing something unique. Giving someone purple or lilac roses means you feel a fast and deep link with them. That makes them a thoughtful gift for a new love interest or someone who has affected you.

Also, these roses have a mysterious and magical feel to them. People often associate the soft, dreamy colors purple and lilac with meditation, awareness, and peace. So, they make good gifts for spiritual trips, healing, and meditation.

Purple and pink roses can also signify admiration, love, and elegance.  But, like all roses, the message can be slightly different based on the color and the situation. Deeper shades of purple may make you think of royalty, while lighter shades of lilac may make you think of young love and happiness.


Rainbow Roses Meaning

Rainbow roses are a unique and eye-catching floral creation that have gained popularity for their vibrant and mesmerizing appearance. These roses did not grow on their own.  Rainbow roses are beautiful but represent being yourself and speaking your mind freely. People often give these flowers as gifts to honor the uniqueness and variety of a person's personality. However, rainbow roses will surely capture the hearts and imaginations of those who receive them, leaving a lasting impression of joy and happiness.


Assorted Colors Roses Bouquet 

"Assorted Colors Roses Bouquet" is a stunning and vibrant floral arrangement that exudes elegance and charm. The different colors in this flower represent different feelings and emotions, making it an excellent gift for many different events. The "Assorted Colors Roses Bouquet" is a flexible choice that says much without saying a word. 

The "Assorted Colors Roses Bouquet" is great for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or to show someone you care. It will surely make a lasting impact and make the lucky receiver smile. Its beauty and charm make it a great way to show how you feel and make any event more special.


Number of Roses: Conveying Specific Messages

In addition to the colors, the number of roses in a bouquet also carries significance:


One Rose: Love at first sight or a symbol of devotion.

Two Roses: Deep mutual love and affection between two people.

Three Roses: "I love you" - a simple yet powerful declaration of love.

Six Roses: Infatuation or a desire to be with someone.

Twelve Roses: A dozen roses traditionally symbolize love and gratitude.

Twenty-four Roses: A grand gesture of love and admiration, often given on special occasions.

Fifty Roses: A symbol of unconditional love and a celebration of a long-lasting relationship.

One Hundred Roses: An extravagant and opulent display of love and devotion.


Roses in Different Cultures: Varying Symbolism

While roses generally carry positive meanings across many cultures, it's essential to be mindful of cultural nuances and regional interpretations. For instance, in some cultures, certain colors may have negative connotations, so it's always wise to research the cultural context before presenting roses as gifts.



Roses hold diverse meanings that transcend traditional floral symbolism, making them a cherished gift for various occasions. From expressing love and passion with red roses to conveying friendship and gratitude with yellow roses, these blooms evoke emotions and sentiments like no other flower. At, we offer an exquisite selection of rose flowers to cater to every individual's preference and intent. Whether it's a romantic gesture, a heartfelt thank-you, or a simple show of admiration, our wide range of roses provides the perfect choice for any message you wish to convey. Embrace the beauty and significance of roses, and let be your trusted source to deliver these enchanting blossoms to your loved ones, making every moment special and unforgettable.