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Philflora’s Lovely Scented Soap Rose

(Posted on: 05-03-2022)

Philflora’s Lovely Scented Soap Rose

What is scented soap? 

A real flower is a traditional and common present that we give to our special someone, but what if we buy flowers with a long-lasting fragrance that we can both touch and smell? Not only can we smell the flower itself, but we can also smell it through us.

If you may ask what soap rose is, it is a flower that has been crafted into the shape of a real flower. It is a fragranced soap whose scent lasts way longer than any bouquet. The scented soap can be designed with roses, carnations, daisies, and many more.


What are Philflora Flower Shop and its benefits? 

Philflora is an online leading flower shop that offers a variety of flower arrangements that you can give to your loved ones. Their bouquets are hand-arranged by their creative florist, and all of their products are cheap yet premium quality products.

Philflora also has the best delivery service since they have been around for about eighteen years now. You can order your chosen bouquet and request it delivered to you on the same day you order it or at your preferred time.

The customer service of Philflora is the best too; they have very accommodating sellers, and you can access their online website easily.


Philflora’s Scented Soap Roses

Philflora sells a full-packaged floral-scented soap in the shape of a rose. Their soap lasts way longer and has a variety of vibrant colors. It is suitable and great for bathroom décor, and it has a unique arrangement, and the soap is not extremely expensive.

The scented soap roses that you will mention are available in different sizes of boxes, and all of them are affordable and currently on sale. You might want to check them out. 

We always go for the things that make our hearts flutter.

Here is the list for you to see Phiflora's best-selling scented soap roses that are perfect for any occasion: 


The Medium Size Scented Soap Rose

The “Fragrance for Love” Scented Soap Rose


The "fragrance for love" scented soap rose is available in a medium-sized black box. This scented soap rose is very simple and has a very satisfying arrangement to look at. Their florist's hand-arranged and sorted the soap by their colors: the red rose, which stands for love, the blue rose for reaching the impossible, and the pink rose for admiration. It is decorated with their signature red ribbon, and this fragrance is very lovely. This scented soap rose is a simple yet beautiful present for a birthday, anniversary, or another wonderful occasion.


The “Endearment” Scented Soap Rose


If you want another simple yet stunning arrangement, this is absolutely the one you want to give for your anniversary. The bouquet is called "Thalia" and symbolizes appreciation for your loved ones and the love you feel for them. It can be a symbol of the never-ending sweetness of your relationship. The bouquet is available in a medium-sized box with a combination of red and pink soap roses. You can't miss their signature ribbon design outside of the box.


The “Delish” Scented Soap Rose


This bouquet is available in a medium-sized black box, and inside of it are dozens of scented pink roses that symbolize gentleness, appreciation, joy, thankfulness, elegance, and sweetness. The soap roses are super affordable despite their size and the amount of soap. This "delish" scented soap is an ideal gift for a loved one or wife who collects lovely fragrance soaps and is fond of the color pink.The “Make Scents” Scented Soap Rose

Your deep love, friendship, loyalty, and purity can all "make scents" with this cute and adorable scented soap rose. The classic beauty of this arrangement helps you express your feelings for them. Their florist arranged this scented soap rose in a unique way where there were many more pink roses than red roses and it was decorated with red ribbon to add more elegance to it.

The “See Scents” Scented Soap Rose



That is one of the wonderful arrangements you can give to your special someone who truly loves surprises. The bouquet is designed with the combination of dozens of scented soap roses inside the round-shaped box, including the lovely detailed arrangement of the red rose, as well as the pink and blue roses bouquet. The See scents are available in medium-sized square boxes and are very affordable.


The “Perfumerie” Scented Soap Rose



The perfumerie is one of Philflora's ideal gifts for any occasion. This bouquet is available in a square-shaped box with a dozen lovely red fragrance soap roses inside and is decorated with Philflora's signature ribbon design. With this perfect red rose bouquet, you will truly satisfy and make your special someone happier than ever. Also, you can buy other colors of this, such as blue roses and red soap roses.


The Rose Scented Small-Size Box Soap

The “Sweet Mist” Scented Soap Rose


Philflora's loyal and new customer bought this soap rose arrangement. This scented soap rose bouquet is arranged very simply, yet the roses included are of high quality and have a lovely fragrance. Their florist hand-arranged the red roses and decorated them with their signature red ribbon; they are available in a black-round box. You can give these red-scented soap roses to convey your love too, and it also adds to the fragrance of romance in your relationship. It is the perfect present for any lovely occasion. 


The “Perfumaria” Scented Soap Rose


If you want another simple yet stunning arrangement of soap roses, this is the right choice for you. The scented soap rose is called Perfumaria. It has colored blue roses bouquet, has a lovely fragrance, and is available in a heart-shaped box. That is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and any joyous occasion. Available in other colors, such as blue and pink soap rose.

The “In Your Skin” Scented Soap Rose


Do you want a present that includes sweetness and has a lovely fragrance? This bouquet gives the vibes you were looking for. It helps you convey the never-ending sweetness of your relationship and unconditional love for them. The black box has three colorful soap Roses inside. The arrangement is lovely with the combination of red rose, white and pink, plus the mouthwatering Ferrero chocolate in the box pocket. 

These scented soap roses look so lovely, one-of-a-kind, and elegant, yet they do not cost an extremely high amount. Isn't it? Your loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate it, especially if they have a soap collection.

Order your chosen scented soap roses bouquet arrangement now and let us know your experience with Philflora.

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Philflora will always be there to make an arrangement suitable for you and any occasion. All of their products were the best of all.