Valentines Day Flower Arrangement: Fourteen for Valentine’s Day

(Posted on: 29-12-2022)

On the fourteen-day of February, two hearts that stick together are in the air. You will see a lovely couple celebrating their day with some gifts that are memorable to both of them. And you can't deny that you will always see different flower bouquet arrangements that their significant other bought for them. The flower bouquet will never be forgotten when this day comes. It is often given to someone to show love and joy that cannot be seen or understood by anyone around them.

Valentine's day is full of lovers, surprises and flowers. To help you find the best online flower shop for you and the perfect flowers for valentine's day, I will recommend to you Philflora.


What is Philflora? 

Philflora is the leading online flower shop in the Philippines, with so many varieties of flower arrangements for you to choose from for any occasion. For eighteen years, they have been around, having given great service to their lovely customers.


What are the benefits of Philflora? 

The benefits that you can get from the shop are that they have very affordable products, beautiful arrangements, discounts, sales, and you can request a same-day delivery of the bouquet you ordered because they have their delivery service in the house. The areas covered by their same-day delivery are Metro Manila and other nearby cities.


Valentine’s Day bouquet of Philflora

Philflora's Valentine's Day arrangement has so many cute and fresh products. You can choose from a small bouquet to a large flower arrangement. All of these are affordable yet premium quality.

Here is a list of Valentine's Day flower arrangements if you are interested. You might as well check them out.

You can also find this bouquet on their website under the occasion categories and then anniversary flower bouquets.


Be My Valentine –P2,050 (Best Seller)

The first list is the best-selling and recommended arrangement, named "Be My Valentine Flower Bouquet." The items are hand-arranged by their florist using a combination of a dozen of fresh red roses and a teddy bear on top. It is wrapped in clean and beautiful Korean white and maroon wrappers decorated with their signature red ribbon design to perfectly blend the overall colours. If your partner wants a minimalist and simple arrangement might as well order this out.


A Date Bouquet –P2,050 

The "date" pink rose bouquet is the ultimate symbol of love, grace, sweetness, and romance. The flowers are fresh and have lovely fragrances. The teddy bear is so clean and fluffy. If your partner loves to stare at flowers all the time and loves the soft and fluffy teddy bear, this is a perfect bouquet for you to present to them. It comes with a combination of Korean white and maroon wrappers and their lovely ribbon.


The Old Flame Bouquet –P4,799

That is one of the sweetest arrangements you could offer to your special someone due to the texture of the Ferrero Rocher chocolate with hazelnut and its sweet flavour that you cannot get enough of. Added to its romantic ambience are the lovely fresh pink roses. If you are planning to surprise your special someone with a bouquet, you know that they will never forget, so this is the best choice for you.


Bugs Bouquet –P2,590

A bouquet that is not made up only of flowers but also with the mouthwatering and the sweet Ferrero Rocher to make it sweeter than ever for your special someone. The items have six Ferrero chocolates surrounded by fresh and lovely pink roses with misty blue as fillers. The florist gently wrapped the bouquet with the combination of Kraft and Kraft jute wrapper; it comes with their signature ribbon design, as it gives a touch of historic and modern appearance and elegance to the bouquet.


The Heartstrings red Bouquet –P1699

This bouquet is one of the arrangements under Valentine's flower bouquets with the lowest price. This fancy bouquet is hand-arranged with a Chinese burlap wrapper and has six stems of fresh red roses that symbolize love and romance, with misty blue fillers to make the appearance more appealing. Making this arrangement your ideal present for Valentine's Day is the perfect way to express your feelings and thoughts.


The Heart-To-Heart Bouquet –P2,250

With the heart-to-heart flower bouquet, it is a perfect present for your special someone, and with the help of this lovely bouquet, you can express your emotions and feelings to them. The arrangement comes with twenty-four (24) fresh red roses with a Chinese burlap wrapper. You can also choose other stems, such as getting it with thirty-six (36) stems or ninety-nine (99). Truly, Roses will always be a lovely and sweet gift to anyone and for any occasion.


The Combination of Red Roses and Ferrero Chocolate Bouquet

The visual itself is already mouthwatering, and you know that it will have a very lovely fragrance. This bouquet is pretty and fresh. It has dozens of red roses and Ferrero Rocher chocolate carefully and creatively wrapped in a Korean black and gold wrapper with their signature ribbon. It looks extravagant and elegant and would make a perfect gift for a surprise on Valentine's Day for your significant other.

Giving flowers will be a romantic thing to do to show your feelings. It is like a medium that speaks volumes of your love and affection for someone. And the lists above are some of the few flowers in their Valentine's Day arrangement that Philflora offers to help you with your confession.


More information and products in Philflora

Here at Philflora, you can explore many affordable products and unique arrangements. Wherever you are, Philflora is one step away from delivering your chosen bouquet right to your doorstep. Visit their website,, for more details and high-quality products, and their Facebook page for shop updates. Order now and experience the great service they have.