Best Sunflower Gifts 2024 - Gift Ideas for Valentine Day

(Posted on: 31-12-2022)

Sunflowers are a very famous flower and very trendy these days. Sunflower's name comes from the Greek word – "helios", which means sun, and "anthos", which means flower. It is because it tends to reposition itself to face the sun. Sunflowers are also related to the Greek myth of Apollo and Clytie, which explains why they turn towards the sun. In the story, Clytie, a nymph, is in love with Apollo, the God of Sun, but then he falls out of love with Clytie and falls in love with Leucothoe. 

Out of jealousy, Clytie told Leucotheo's father about their relationship, who then buried his daughter alive as a punishment. Apollo then gets very angry then turns Clytie into a sunflower. But still, as Clytie's love for Apollo is strong, she watches him move across the sky every day, just like what sunflowers do. 


Sunflower Bouquet Arrangements

Philflora always makes sure to cater for the needs of their customers. In that case, Philflora continuously creates fresh ideas to help you surprise your loved ones on valentine day. They always make sure to provide different options that you can choose from. In this section, I present to you their best-selling and most recommended products in Sunflower Bouquet Arrangements.  


The “Timeless Beauty” Arrangement (₱ 899)

First on the list is this simple yet very elegant 1 stem of a sunflower. It is perfect for the ones who love a minimalist vibe. It is beautifully arranged by their expert florist using misty blue and eucalyptus as fillers and wrapped in kraft paper to give that effortless beauty. Joined together by their signature red ribbon for only ₱ 899.


The “Joyful Sunflowers” Arrangement (₱ 1999)

Next is this wonderful arrangement using 6 stems of sunflower that you can have for only ₱ 1999. Hand-arranged by their expert florist using a local burlap. Plus, they use misty blue and eucalyptus as their fillers to add more beauty. Don't forget their signature red ribbon design that adds more elegance. 


The “Longevity Flower” Arrangement (₱ 2499)

This arrangement is truly a best seller and the most recommended bouquet in its variant. This wonderful bouquet looks effortlessly beautiful as it was expertly crafted using 12 long stems of sunflowers together with the misty blue and eucalyptus as its fillers. It is carefully wrapped in burlap and a 2 toned black and gold Korean paper, making it look more sophisticated. You can buy this for a very reasonable price of ₱ 2499.


Looking for more designs? The following arrangements are these unique and trendy gift ideas that you can enjoy. For more aesthetically pleasing arrangements that you can display in your home, these sunflowers are confined in a truly perfect box for you.


The “Ageless Era” Arrangement (₱ 1998)

Have this beautiful ageless bunch of sunflowers confined in a lovely box. It was handcrafted by Philflora’s expert florist using white and yellow chrysanthemums, misty blue, and eucalyptus as fillers. It is perfectly designed to display in your coffee table or even bedside table that will bring delightful aura. And what’s good with it is that you can still reuse the box afterwards. Looks cool right? You can have this elegant love box for only ₱ 1998.


The “Artfully Arranged Sunflowers” Arrangement (₱ 1398)

Truly an "Artfully Arranged Sunflowers' '. Their expert florist delicately arranges this arrangement using a sunflower as its centerpiece plus different color varieties of chrysanthemums with misty blue and eucalyptus as fillers. It is confined in a large box that you can use for only ₱ 1398. Truly a piece of art.

The “Apollo” Arrangement (₱ 1599)

Does your loved one love surprises? Then this is perfect for you! Their expert florist carefully handcrafted three fresh sunflowers with misty blue and eucalyptus as fillers in a small jewelry box. It comes with this sweet surprise 6 pcs of Ferrero Rocher. You can change the chocolates into something more surprising, like some jewelry. Make your surprises more special with this arrangement for only ₱ 1599. 


Have you decided what sunflower arrangement you're going to buy for your loved ones? Have you chosen your favorite arrangement? Or still can't decide what to buy? There are more exciting products and fun deals that Philflora can offer you. Just visit their Facebook page and website through the links below. Make sure to follow their Facebook page and watch out for some exciting deals, games and prizes, and give way! Plus, exciting promo codes that you can use in your purchase. What are you waiting for? Fill your flowers with love at!


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