Florists deal with and arrange blooms they cultivate themselves or acquire from wholesalers. They are artists who put weddings, other events, and holidays. With their mastership of what blossoms are in season and how well distinct types last in different environments, Florists aim to supply shoppers with quality goods that match their budgets and wishes.



1. Cultivate or order blossoms from wholesalers to confirm an adequate supply to meet consumers' demands

2. Define the sort of arrangement preferred, the affair, and the date, time, and place for each arrangement required

3. Suggest buds and greenery for each arrangement

4. Consider the shopper's budget when completing the guidance

5. Design flowery presentations that produce a particular opinion or style

6. Reply to telephones, handle orders, wrap arrangements



We are digging for a Customer Service Officer with excellent communication skills and a superb work ethic to enter our team. As the Consumer Service Provider, you will work with customers to satisfy their necessities, respond to their questions, and provide support. The individual in this role must also be an awesome note-taker who is relaxed and cheerful.


Fundamental Conditions: 

1. Customer-focused and have robust interpersonal and issues-solving skills

2. Trained in using Outlook, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 

3. Capacity to multi-task, prioritize and handle time effectively

4. Client orientation and knowledge to adapt/react to dissimilar sorts of characters

5. Excellent contact and exhibit abilities



1. Replies to shopper inquiries via phone, email, and in person

2. Refers customers to online assistance

3. Updates shopper papers in the plan, including notes about marketing

4. Pitches concepts for enhancing customer upkeep

5. Develops and maintains reports about customer dealings

6. Creates a rapport with buyers

7. Assembles suggestions to manage to sweeten the client experience



1. Associate's or Bachelor's degree

2. knowledge of customer service regulations and techniques

3. knowledge of appropriate computer applications

4. knowledge of social media platforms

5. knowledge of managerial processes

6. numeric, verbal, and written language applications



We are looking for a person liable for studying, checking, and executing optimized websites to be selected by search engines. SEO Experts will create content to enclose keywords or phrases to boost traffic to the website. SEO Professionals conduct different testing methods in format, layout, and promotion techniques to accumulate the most organic and paid traffic. SEO Proficients will have in-depth education in keyword research, copywriting, and the manners of search engines. Ever-changing landscape, so you ought to be constantly learning and developing.


Key Requirements:

1. Previous knowledge in content writing, advertising, content development, and SEO

2. Working skills in search engine optimization methods

3. Extraordinary capacity to think creatively and strategically, recognize and fix troubles

4. Superb oral and written contact skills

5. Ability to operate within a team and alone

6. Familiarization with Google Analytics

7. Knowledge of website optimization tools

8. Powerful administrative, time managing, and analytical expertise.



1. Studying and researching client sites for places that can be enhanced and optimized

2. Readying detailed strategy statements

3. Determinating effective keywords to push the most practical traffic

4. Running Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

5. Writing effective calls-to-action to correct visitors

6. Filling websites and other content with appropriate keywords

7. Writing applicable SEO content for blogs, websites, and social media accounts

8. Evolving link-building approaches

9. Examining keywords and SEO methods used by adversaries

10. Keeping reworked on both white hat and black hat SEO procedures to avoid remaining within search engine policies

11. Collecting and delivering SEO procedures

12. Social media advertising.



1. knowledge of Photoshop

2. Crafts in CSS & HTML ability is a MUST.

3. Ought to have a BS degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

4. Learning open-source Technology, PHP, and MYSQL will be an advantage.