Shipping Policies


On Mother's day, you can receive the delivery from 8th May to 9th May. You can order your choices from our site, and we will be at your door on time. Another memorable day, Valentine's. You can get your favorite flowers on the day before Valentine's Day, on 13th February and 14th February.


If you are someone from the local area, you can receive our service seven days a week in Metro Manila. But outside there, in regional areas, we only provide services on Sunday. Our cut-off period is 12:00 pm Philippines Time for same-date supply in Metro Manila spots only. Another vital thing you must learn about is regional zones' time. You might not order after 10:00 am according to Philippine time. The best time we appreciate taking orders is between 10 am to 7 pm. The following day charges acquired outside the cut-off time for Metro Manila locations will be provided. Restricted sites will reach after two days. 

Time of Delivery

Delivery time is a little tricky here. We try our best to serve between 10 am to 7 pm only. But, on special days like Christmas, mother's day, or valentine's day, we suggest pre-booking your order as there is a high demand for the flowers. Still, a week's advance will be prioritized and provided first for those who set their direction. It is best to order at least three to four days in advance. It will support us in shipping you the most suitable flowers to your residence on time. For other curiosity, you can email us at And remember to tell me your address precisely. 

Funeral Delivery

You will receive your flowers on time if we can serve in your local areas. Please notify us of your address first. Our delivery person will consider if the delivery is possible at your place on time.

Availability of the Product

There are models when the color or taste of the item you request is not available. If we still need to get your desired flower, we will surely let you know by email or phone number. Still, if we can not contact you, we will remain for your reply before supplying your order. 


Some of the flowers can only be delivered to Metro Manila. But, considering the location, you may get the best service. In that case, we will automatically substitute it with a commodity that is the exact or a higher charge than your order. 

Your Recipient

For Metro Manila Delivery

As a recipient, you must stay alert after ordering online to receive the delivery. Sometimes, if we are still looking for you, we will let you know through email.


For an anonymous customer, kindly email us at and register your Order ID as the email's Subject and demand.


If you wish to evade calling your recipient and making a shock delivery, please email us three days before the distribution date. Still, it would be best if you guaranteed that your recipient would be available to acquire your order. In some unfortunate situations, if you can't receive the order on time, we will take the product back with us to our office. You need to reschedule the time for receiving the product by repaying the shipping cost.


For the items that may rot, such as flowers, cake, etc., you need to order and pay again for delaying the receiving. Otherwise, we will deliver the same product again.

For Provincial Delivery

If you are in the range of our local areas, you can get the delivery any day of the week. We are not liable for deliveries made to the wrong or insufficient regional addresses proposed by the customer. If the lesson could be better and the product returns to the office, you have to repay for the same delivery. So, stay alert to receive the product. The customer assumes the complete buy if such a delivery is completed.

Door-to-Door or For Pick Up Service

In some places, our delivery man can't reach us. In that case, we will notify you through email and call to cooperate and ease the delivery service. Once the item is dispatched, we will reach the acceptor and report to them where to receive it. In some locations, such as Luzon, Mindanao cannot deliver the service to your doorstep.


Ask to exit the item at the recipient's Doorstep.

If you assure us to drop the product at your Door, we will obey the order. But it is only done when we are instructed to do so.

Items with Lead Time

Some stuff has a lead time; make sure you have positioned your order in advance. Everything will be modified to be transparent on the shipping date and the items' availability. We will email you to announce what we can do or how to have your order momentarily.