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Birthday Flowers: Budget Friendly Bouquet Ideas 2023

(Posted on: 14-01-2023)

Every one of us loves surprises and wants to receive presents on our special day, which is our "birthday." And for the surprises and gifts, we are picky and really thoughtful about selecting the perfect gift for our loved ones. When it comes to the perfect gift, we all know that nothing can compare to the fresh and fragrant beauty of gorgeous bouquets of flowers.

The idea of giving flowers as a present will never go out of style. And to make it easy for you to find an online shop that offers a variety of flowers that match the style of the celebrant and the ambiance, here is the perfect shop for you: the Philflora Flower Shop.


What are Philflora Flower Shop and their Benefits? 

The Philflora Flower Shop is an online leading flowers shop in the Philippines that has been around for 18 years. They have an affordable yet high quality variety of bouquets for every occasion and that is carefully arranged and delivers it to their customers anywhere in the country.

Philflora offers the most affordable flowers as well as same-day delivery in Metro Manila and other nearby cities. They have promotions and discounts as well.


The Birthday Bouquets of Philflora

Philflora has a variety of bouquets. Here are the best-seller and perfect bouquets of flowers for an amazing birthday present and celebration; you might want to check it out.

The “Blessed Birthday” Bouquet

These beautiful arrangements of mixed different colors of tulips are one of the recommended birthday bouquets in the Philflora Shop. This is perfect for birthdays because the beauty of tulips symbolizes a new, fresh beginning, cheerful thoughts, happiness, and also conveys your deep love to someone. This tulip bouquet has a mix of two dozen tulips and eucalyptus, decorated with misty blue as fillers. 


Best Selling the “Beautiful Surprises” Bouquet 

This bouquet is the best-seller and a customer's recommendation on Philflora for birthday presents. It is a mixed and fresh pink, white, and red rose, decorated with misty blue and eucalyptus as fillers. It is one of the most stunning flowers with its rich colors and classic appearance. This birthday flower signifies passion, your love for them, and adds more sweetness to your relationship. It conveys the purity of your intention and loyalty.

The “Best Day Ever” Bouquet

If you are looking for cheap birthday flowers that speak through their appearance and help you express your unconditional love and wishes, this is the perfect choice for you. The visual is very cheery and bright and really gives warmth and comfort. This mixed Flower bouquet is a one stem of pink stargazer, six pieces of red roses, three stems of gerberas, misty blue and eucalyptus for fillers.


The Happy Birthday, Beautiful Bouquet 

Due to their heavenly scents, the way it blooms and its striking appearance, perhaps one of the beautiful lilies is the stargazer. Philflora offers stargazers a perfect birthday present perfect gift to celebrate eternal love. This birthday bouquet is decorated with six flower pink stargazers with misty blue as fillers and elegantly wrapped using eco-friendly burlap. It comes with their pretty signature ribbon design.


The “Grateful Birthday” Bouquet 

This is one of the ideal birthday presents and for religious purposes as well. The lilies in this bouquet convey purity of your intention and peace. The bouquet price is cheap and it is hand-arranged by Philflora’s florist using the six flowers of white stargazers decorated with misty blue and eucalyptus as its fillers. It is beautifully wrapped using eco-friendly burlap and comes with their signature ribbon design to add more elegance to the bouquet.


The “Happy Day” Birthday Bouquet

This is one of the simple yet stylish bouquets that are perfect for birthday presents. It expresses your deep affection for them, your never-ending good wishes, and your sincerity in giving happiness to your loved ones. The birthday flowers are hand-arranged by their creative florist using the ten red gerberas decorated with misty blue as fillers.


The “Beautiful As You” Birthday Bouquet

This "Beautiful as you" bouquet is one-of-a-kind and looks so extravagant, yet it is really a budget-friendly birthday flower to give as a perfect present for the birthday celebrant. The fresh pink gerberas are designed and placed in the simple black love box, decorated with misty blue as filler, and it comes with a gorgeous ribbon. It speaks volumes about innocence, purity, long-lasting friendship, respect, and admiration for your special someone.


The “Party Bliss” Birthday Bouquet 

A red rose is one of the most popular flowers, and it is also a perfect birthday present for your special someone. The red rose bouquet is truly the loveliest flower due to its gorgeous appearance and lovely fragrance. A red rose symbolizes love and adds romance to your special relationship. It's also a perfect way to convey your genuine feelings to your special someone. Philflora arranged it in its most beautiful arrangement just for you to make your birthday surprise more special. It was wrapped using the Korean black and gold wrapper together with their signature ribbon design to make it more elegant. It is very affordable and you can also add some of Philflora’s add-ons such as teddy bears, pillows, or chocolates to add sweetness to your birthday flower present.


These are Philflora’s perfect birthday bouquet of flowers for you to include in your birthday surprise and wishes for your loved ones. Giving birthday presents to your special someone, especially flowers, is a special way to express and show your deep affection and true feelings for them.

Visit the Philflora website at if you want to see more of the options for their beautiful wrappers and the available add-ons in the shop. You will witness the incredible variety of flowers they have for birthdays and other special occasions bouquets. You can also visit their Facebook page, Philflora, if you want to know how beautiful and excellent their service is. 

Order your chosen birthday flower bouquet now and let us know your experience and thoughts about Philflora.