Christmas Flowers: Send Christmas Flowers as Gifts in the Philippines

(Posted on: 20-10-2023)

The Christmas season is a time of joy, love, and giving. It's a time when people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to show their appreciation for the special people in their lives. One beautiful and heartfelt way to express your love and well wishes during this festive season is by sending Christmas flowers as gifts. In the Philippines, Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and warmth, making it the perfect occasion to surprise your loved ones with a vibrant bouquet of seasonal blooms. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of Christmas flowers and how you can send them as gifts to your dear ones in the Philippines.


The Significance of Christmas Flowers

In Christian tradition, Christmas flowers have a deep meaning. They represent hope, love, and the beauty of the season. Poinsettias, Christmas roses, and holly are the most popular Christmas flowers. Each has its meaning:


Poinsettias: This bright red and green plant is called a "Christmas Star" or a "Flame Leaf," and it represents the Star of Bethlehem. Most of the time, they are used as Christmas ornaments or as gifts.


Christmas Roses: These pretty white flowers stand for how pure and innocent the baby Jesus is. Their beauty and grace make any Christmas flower more beautiful.


Holly: Holly's bright red berries and green leaves stand for endless life and Christ's blood. It's often used to make flower displays and Christmas wreaths.


Christmas Flower Arrangements

In the Philippines, Christmas flower arrangements are often bright and colorful to show how happy the season is. We discuss here some popular Christmas flower arrangements that you can pick from:


Christmas Centerpieces: These arrangements are lovely for decorating the table at the Christmas feast. Most of the time, they have candles and other decorative items in them, along with poinsettias, roses, and other seasonal flowers.


Wreaths: Christmas wreaths have been around for a long time. Talk about how these round arrangements, which are often decorated with holly, pinecones, and bright red ribbons, represent the love that lasts forever and life going around in a circle.


Bouquets: Flowers in bouquets make great Christmas gifts. People can send these to family, friends, or coworkers, and the recipients can change them to suit their tastes.


Christmas Flower Gifting Etiquette

It's nice to send Christmas flowers as a gift in the Philippines, but you should be aware of the local traditions and etiquette to make sure your gift is accepted well. If you want to send Christmas gifts in the Philippines, here are some etiquette to follow:


Timing Matters: When it comes to the Philippines, Christmas usually starts in September and lasts until January. But December is when the parties are at their busiest. If you want your Christmas flowers to be noticed, send them between early and mid-December so they can be enjoyed all through the holiday season.


Respect Local Traditions: Learn about the habits and customs of the area. One important custom is "Simbang Gabi," which is a nine-day run of early morning Masses. Many people go to these Masses, and flowers are often brought as gifts. It can be very important to send flowers at this time.


Personalize Your Message: Send a warm Christmas wish or message with your flowers. In the Philippines, people often send warm and personal texts along with gifts, so taking the time to say hello and send your best wishes is very much welcomed.


Choose Appropriate Flowers: When choosing Christmas flowers, poinsettias, Christmas roses, and holly are some classic Christmas flowers that you might want to use. This flower is not only pretty, but it also has a special meaning during the holiday season.


Select Bright and Festive Colors: People from the Philippines love bright colors. In order to get into the holiday spirit, pick flowers in bright colors like red, green, and white.


Use a Reputable Florist: Make sure you pick a trusted local florist or an online flower delivery service that works in the Philippines. That will make sure that your Christmas flowers are delivered safely and on time.


Be Mindful of Delivery Times: When you arrange for flower delivery, think about when the receiver is available. In the Philippines, many people are busy with holiday celebrations, so it's best to plan the delivery for when they are most likely to be home.


Include a Card: You might want to send a welcome card along with your Christmas flowers. A note made by hand can add a personal touch that makes the gift more memorable.


Respect Cultural Sensitivities: When giving flowers to religious people, especially, be aware of cultural sensitivity. In the Christian faith, some flowers may have special meanings, so be careful when picking your flowers.


Follow Up with Gratitude: It's nice to send Christmas flowers and then confirm that they were received and liked by sending a message or calling the person to show your appreciation.


Following these etiquettes of behavior will not only make sure that your Christmas flowers are accepted nicely in the Philippines, but it will also show that you respect their traditions and customs, which is a great way to spread holiday cheer.


Popular Flower Varieties in the Philippines

People in the Philippines have a long history with flowers and love bright, tropical blooms. That has led to a unique set of famous flowers that are used for many holidays, including Christmas. These native and foreign flowers can be carefully added to Christmas flower arrangements to make them stand out and make the room feel more joyful. Here are some famous flower types in the Philippines and how to use them to make Christmas flower arrangements:


Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac):

  1. Symbolism: The Philippines' national flower is the Sampaguita, which is known for being simple, pure, and humble.
  2. Incorporation: The small, white, fragrant flowers of the Sampaguita plant can be used to make delicate garlands, wreaths, or small flower highlights for Christmas arrangements. They represent the pure and humble spirit of the season.


Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima):

  1. Symbolism: Famous for their bright red blooms, poinsettias are also known as the "Christmas Star" or the "Flame Leaf."
  2. Incorporation: Poinsettias are an important part of Christmas decorations. They can be the main part of Christmas displays or used as plants on their own in pots. Because they are bright red and green, they are great for making holiday bouquets or table decorations.


Roses (Various Varieties):

  1. Symbolism: Roses, especially red ones, stand for love and passion.
  2. Incorporation: During the holiday season, red roses can be added to Christmas flowers and arrangements to show love and care. Add other blooms that are in season to make it look more colorful.


Orchids (Various Varieties):

  1. Symbolism: Orchids stand for grace and beauty.
  2. Incorporation: Orchids can add a touch of beauty to Christmas arrangements because of how beautiful and exotic they look. There are many ways to make white and red orchids look stylish and expensive when mixed with other flowers.


Anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum):

  1. Symbolism: The anthurium stands for love and kindness.
  2. Incorporation: Adding anthuriums to your Christmas arrangements will show how warm and friendly the season is. Their shiny, heart-shaped flowers that are red or pink look great in any bouquet.


Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis):

  1. Symbolism: Hibiscus is a flower that represents how beauty fades over time.
  2. Incorporation: With its big, bright flowers, hibiscus can be used to make Christmas designs that are bright and catchy. The bright shades of red, pink, and white make me think of the holidays.


Chrysanthemums (Various Varieties):

  1. Symbolism: Chrysanthemums are a sign of friendship and loyalty.
  2. Incorporation: You can send friendship and warm wishes with white and red chrysanthemums during the Christmas season. You can put them together in boxes or pots or put them together in mixed flowers.


When putting these popular Filipino flower types in Christmas designs, think about the colors you want to use and the meanings you want to convey to get people in the holiday spirit. You can choose standard red and green poinsettias or make a more one-of-a-kind bouquet with a mix of these flowers. Either way, your Christmas flower arrangements in the Philippines will capture the beauty and warmth of the season.


How You Can Send Them Christmas Gifts: Online Flower Delivery Services

If you want to send Christmas flowers to the Philippines as a gift, you should only use reputable online flower delivery services to make sure the flowers get there on time and in good condition. Here are some well-known choices you can trust:


Philflora: Philflora is a well-known online flower delivery service that has a lot of different flower arrangements for Christmas and other holidays. Local online flower shop Philflora delivers flower arrangements and gifts all over the Philippines. Because they bring the same day and the next day, it can be very helpful during the holidays.


Flower Chimp Philippines: Flower Chimp is the best online flower shop in the Philippines. They send beautiful flower arrangements and thoughtful gifts all over the country, spreading love and joy with every order. Their website is easy to use, and it's quick and simple to choose from different bunches and extras. They do business in many places in the Philippines. Flowerstore. ph is a flower shop in the Philippines that you can shop online. It's easy to find the perfect Christmas arrangement because they have so many flowers and gifts to choose from. They also offer delivery services all over the country.


PhGifts: PhGifts is known for its high-quality roses and flower designs. Even though they are known for their roses, they also have Christmas-themed flowers and gifts. Their name for quality and dependability is well known.


ManilaBlossoms: ManilaBlossoms is a gift delivery service that, among other things, sends flowers, baskets, and gifts for Christmas and other holidays. They can send your gifts quickly and to many places in the Philippines.


Flora2000: Flora2000 delivers flowers all over the world and works in the Philippines. They work with a lot of local florists and have a lot of different Christmas flower arrangements and gifts to choose from.


Flower Delivery Philippines: Sending fresh flowers and gifts all over the Philippines is what this online flower shop does best. There are many Christmas-themed arrangements to choose from, with a range of sizes and styles.


Before you choose, you should check out these online flower delivery services' websites to see what they have to offer, read customer reviews, and read their delivery policies to make sure they fit your needs and tastes. You might also want to get in touch with their customer service if you have any questions or special wishes about sending Christmas flowers to the Philippines.



Christmas flowers are a wonderful way to convey your love, warmth, and well wishes to your friends and family in the Philippines during this festive season. By selecting the right flowers and using a reliable florist or online flower delivery service, you can ensure that your Christmas flowers arrive fresh and vibrant. This gesture not only brightens the holiday season for your loved ones but also brings you closer to them, even if you are miles away. So, this Christmas, consider sending beautiful Christmas flowers as gifts and let the magic of the season bloom in your hearts and homes.