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Online Teddy Bear Delivery near me: Mandaluyong

(Posted on: 25-12-2022)

Flowers are a common bouquet that everyone gifts to their loved ones – a fresh flower with a different fragrance and colors and fillers. Giving the flower bouquet with chocolates, balloons, and cards when celebrating an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, or even when we want to say hello or when we visit someone's house or at a random given time. Philflora is an online flower shop in the Philippines that offers affordable yet premium-quality flowers. And for the changes and something new, they put the teddy bear collection, a new kind of bouquet, on their menu and offer it as a unique, adorable, and lovely bouquet. The Teddy Bear bouquet can also express happiness, love, romance, forgiveness, and congratulations.

Check out this best-selling and cheap yet high-quality variety of teddy bear bouquet they offer and can be delivered around Mandaluyong:


The “We Bare Bears” Bouquet

Only a few shops offer these three little cute bears, and one of them is the leading online flower shop - Philflora. Everyone wants the "we bare bears cartoon," and Philflora will give you a set of this. It is for anyone who wants to collect it. 


Ice Bear

It looks really good, right? That's correct. Your favorite ice bear was hand-arranged by Philflora's best and most artistic florist. It is really clean, soft, and fluffy. Not only is the "Ice Bear" you will see, but it also has other small bears around it. They thought out what the best combination of wrappers would be for this, and the design of this black and gold wrapper is very pleasing to the eye. It is a friendly-budget bouquet, yet it is a high-quality one.



We all know that this bear, called Grizzly, is very lovely. Just like Grizzly, one of the characters in We Bare Bears, this beautiful arrangement symbolizes your kindness and how loud your love is for your special someone. Their creative florist hand-arranged this wonderful bouquet together with some cute little bears around the cute big brown teddy bear. It comes with a trademark ribbon design that makes their bouquet classy. That is a perfect gift for everyone who supports and loves Grizzly.



For the last "We Bare Bear" bouquet, they offer you the best and most famous Panda Bouquet. It is an inspired design just like the other two bears, but what is interesting about this is that it is secured with Kraft paper and Kraft jute to make it fancier, and especially they put their signature ribbon. That is a perfect gift for your girlfriends, moms, and kids.


A Set of White Teddy Bears

Many of us only see a bunch of flowers or roses in the bouquet. To make your surprise unique, Philflora made a set of teddy bears and put them in a bouquet just for you and your loved ones. They did a great job arranging this and gave all their effort to make it a one-of-a-kind design, especially since they have their trademark ribbon design. This bouquet will bring happiness, comfort, and love and brighten up your loved ones' days with these teddy bears. 


 Various Colored Teddy Bear Bouquets.

Normally, you only see shops that sell one bear or two. Teddy bears are one of the things people love to hug because they give comfort when no one else does or when no one is around. If you are looking for something more, you can get this bouquet. Philflora offers an affordable and adorable one-bouquet with a dozen teddy bears in various colors. It is wrapped in different colors of wrapper too-it can be red, purple, blue, black-gold, and burlap with their signature ribbon design. This bouquet is a fantastic gift for any special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, and more.


The Pink Teddy Bears Bouquet

Just like what pink roses mean, the Philflora dozen of pink teddy bears bouquet signifies our appreciation, gratitude, joy, and sweetness, as well as comfort too. That is one of the adorable gifts that Philflora can offer for celebrating any occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, and more, to show your sincerity and affection to your beloved one. It is suitable for anyone who loves the rich color of pink. The soft and fluffy teddy bears can be wrapped in your chosen wrappers like Kraft, Burlap, blue, red, purple, and black-gold wrappers with their signature ribbon design. That is a perfect surprise you can give to your special someone.


The Green Set of Teddy Bears Bouquet


A full green teddy bear bouquet is a very lovely visual too. It is one of Philflora's best solid color arrangements on its menu. That will remind you of nature and signify love and cheerfulness. A bouquet is secured and wrapped in a wrapper with the choice of wrappers you want, such as Kraft, burlap, Gold Black, and more. This type of dozen teddy bear bouquet is the best choice to cheer someone up. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves nature and green.


Teddy bears can be a great gift to show your affection for your special someone. It has universal symbols to express many different emotions and feelings you want to convey without saying words. Take a look at the Philflora website to find a variety of teddy bear collections you want for your surprises. Philflora is the cheapest online delivery service. Here at Philflora, they provide you with a better service. They can quickly deliver your choice of arrangements throughout Mandaluyong, and it is always right at your door.