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Philflora: Father’s Day Bouquet Ideas

(Posted on: 01-03-2022)

Philflora: Father’s Day Bouquet Ideas

Fathers are considered as the source of light of the family. Unlike our mothers, you rarely see them inside the household taking care of their children. They are usually the ones who are working to provide for the whole family. Some of our father's responsibilities are to influence their child and provide security in their children's physical and emotional needs. 

Just like Mother's Day, it was a great idea to celebrate Father's Day with hard-working and strong men in our lives. So, do you also want to give bouquets to your dad but not sure if they will like it? Also concerned that it might look girly? I got you! This shop that I will introduce to you is the perfect shop to buy!


Where to buy?

If you are thinking a little extra and want to buy your father a bouquet, I have this perfect shop for you. is an online delivery flower shop based in Pasay City. They have been around us for nearly 20 years. Philflora offers same-day delivery and also takes scheduled deliveries. Usually, they cater all around Metro Manila plus these nearby cities like Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Bulacan, and Pampanga. 


Why choose Philflora?

What's good about Philflora is that they offer large varieties of products that you will surely like. In addition, they make sure to create this wonderful occasion bouquet arrangements that will surely match all the occasions, including Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines' Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. They also have arrangements to help you express your appreciation, congratulations, get-well-soon, forgiveness, and sympathy. Also, philflora offers non-flower bouquets like chocolate bouquets, teddy bear bouquets, and soap roses available in areas where they can't deliver fresh flowers. They also have this trendy fossilized bouquet that looks so elegant and stunning. 


Father’s Day Bouquet

Flowers are usually received by our moms, grandmas, wives, and girlfriends. We often give flowers to women. That's why flowers are designed for them, but philflora wants to break this norm. Philflora created this Father's Day Flower Bouquet for all the fathers out there. They were arranged by their expert florist to suit more masculine vibes and at the same time to show appreciation to them like how we express it to our mothers. 


The L.A Clippers Arrangement

This flower arrangement was named after the famous L.A Clippers basketball team to show some full-blooded LA Clipper fans. It is composed of strong red-colored flowers, 3 stems of red roses, 3 stems of red carnation, and Purple Mums with Eucalyptus and Misty blue as fillers that will show boldness and strongness. It is perfectly wrapped with a black and gold Korean wrapper. Plus, philflora's signature ribbon adds more elegance. It is also their best seller flower bouquet for Father's Day. A truly perfect arrangement for your father for only Php 1799. 


The New York Knicks Arrangement

It is named after the New York Knicks. This Mixed Flower Bouquet three-tone colored bouquet uses 1 long stem sunflower, yellow, green and purple mums with misty blue as fillers. Also wrapped with a Kraft paper to look neater and cleaner just like our precious father. And don’t forget the signature ribbon of philflora. Perfect for your father’s soft side. This lovely arrangement is only for Php 1699.


The San Antonio Spurs Arrangement


A perfect yellow-tone bouquet which is perfect for your father who’s a San Antonio Spurs avid fan to keep them moving forward. This bouquet was expertly hand-arranged by their florist using 3 stems of sunflowers, 3 stems of yellow gerbera daisies, yellow mums, eucalyptus and misty blue as fillers which are perfectly wrapped with Chinese burlap for eco-friendly vibes. Plus, their signature ribbon adds more beauty in it. You can have it for only 2199 pesos.



The Dallas Mavericks Arrangement

For our fathers that don't lose hope in life this Dallas Maverick arrangement is perfect for them.  This arrangement was wrapped with two tined Korean paper colored blue and gold. It was expertly hand-arranged by their florist using 3 stems of red roses, 3 stems of red carnation, yellow and green mums with eucalyptus and misty blue as fillers. And of course, their signature ribbon. You can check this out for only Php 2199.




How to order?

As stated earlier, Philflora offers same-day delivery of their fresh bouquets right at your doorstep. You can visit their Facebook page and website for hassle-free shopping. You can directly message them using your Facebook messenger to assist you further. Also, keep in mind that check out their exciting promo codes and discounts before ordering. 

What are you waiting for? Order now with! Happy Father's Day to all dads out there!