Trendy Flower Arrangements Ideas for Valentine 2024

(Posted on: 04-01-2023)

Philflora offers a large variety of trendy flower arrangements ideas that you can choose from. That’s why they come up with different arrangements that will cater to all the occasions and help you express those unsaid words of yours.  What’s good about Philflora is that they keep up with the trend their customers will like. Here are some flower arrangements and products that you will surely love and will keep you up to the trend.


The “The Holidate” Arrangement (₱ 3999)

Want something more than a bouquet? First on the list of Philflora’s trendy flower arrangements is this “Holidate” arrangement. This arrangement is perfectly and expertly arranged by their expert florist using different color varieties of roses, which are red, yellow, and blue. It looks more elegant with this misty blue and eucalyptus as its fillers. This arrangement is confined in a heart-shaped box to make it unique and special. What’s good about this is that you can easily display it because it was arranged perfectly.


The “The Pure Match Bouquet” Arrangement (₱ 2590)

Let’s admit that flowers and chocolates are truly a match made from heaven. So why give it separately? Philflora arranged it especially for you in one bouquet! This “The Pure Match Bouquet” arrangement consists of red roses, 6 Ferrero Rocher, misty blue, and eucalyptus as its fillers arranged by Philflora’s expert florist. You can have this arrangement with other flowers such as carnations, gerbera daisies, tulips, and sunflowers. 


The “Grania” Arrangement (₱ 799)

Dried flowers of fossilized flowers are being trendy these days. Despite their beauty, these fossilized flowers will certainly last longer than those fresh flowers. Another good thing about this kind of flower is that they don’t need intense care. You don’t need to water them regularly. So, what are you waiting for? Have this wonderful arrangement composed of rose, abaca leaves, eucalyptus gypsophila, misty flowers, and trigons as fillers. It was arranged using kraft paper and their signature red ribbon. You can also have this in other flowers like protea and peonies. 


The “Endearment” Arrangement (₱ 899)

Looking for some flowers yet usable? You might resist using this one, but this is perfect for you. Philflora has this scented soap rose in different colors such as red, blue, and pink, confined in a box. You can also have these aromatic soap roses into boxes in different shapes such as squares, circles, and hearts. They also have this jewelry box where you can put chocolates or other special items that you want your loved one to be surprised with.


The “Hug Me Now” Arrangement (₱ 2050)

We know that stuffed toys are mostly for kids but let’s admit that even adults want stuffed toys, especially when it comes with flowers. It seems so magical and romantic, right? That’s why Philflora is here for you. This “Hug Me Now” arrangement comes with this very cute and fluffy white teddy bear surrounded by these beautiful red roses, making it more romantic. It was beautifully wrapped by their expert florist using white and maroon Korean paper and tied with their signature ribbon. Once your loved ones receive this, I’m sure they will immediately hug you tight!

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