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Very Affordable and High-Quality Roses Bouquet in Philflora

(Posted on: 05-03-2022)

Very Affordable and High-Quality Roses Bouquet in Philflora

A flower arrangement is a traditional idea for everyone who celebrates different occasions and expresses love through surprises and gifts. The best thing about giving bouquets is seeing your beloved ones smiling and feeling all the emotions that you know they deserve.

Why Roses? 

Do you know? Roses can live for a very long time. Archeologists have discovered rose fossils that date back as far as 35 million years, and according to the Guinness Book of World Records, roses are the oldest species of plant to be grown as a decoration.

Roses are the most beloved flowers. You can see roses in almost every bouquet arrangement because they will never go out of style. You will ask why the Roses look like an important part of a bouquet and the most popular one. Because roses are a masterpiece, considered the "language of love." They bring two people together so that they can fall in love and stay in love; it is the key to happiness, peace amid chaos and the beauty of imperfection.

Where can I find a beautiful Rose bouquet?

Philflora has been around for almost 18 years and gives excellent service to every customer. They are a leading online flower shop in the Philippines and sell very affordable yet top-quality products. If you are looking for a rose bouquet that you want delivered to you, they have it on their menu. You might as well check them out.

Always giving you the best flower arrangement

Philflora offers the high-end yet cheapest rose bouquets for you, and there are so many options for designs and a variety of wrappers. 

The list below is Philfora’s best-selling rose bouquets and their prices:

The “Loving You Easy” Red Roses Bouquet

One of the best sellers at Philflora is the "Loving You Easy Red Roses Bouquet." The roses are wrapped in Kraft paper and come with their signature red ribbon design. The arrangement is very simple, yet it speaks of love and admiration. Roses are fresh, even before and after they deliver them to you. For only PHP999, you can send this right away to your special someone on any special occasion that you two are celebrating.


The “Anthesis” Rose Mix Bouquet 

If you are looking for something elegant-visual and a bouquet that you think expresses the feelings you want to convey, this is the perfect choice for you. This mixed rose bouquet is called Anthesis. For only PHP3250, you can have dozens of fresh mixed roses. The wrapper they used is another one-of-a-kind design; it consists of the Korean black-gold wrapper decorated with fillers with their gold signature ribbon design. That is perfect for your anniversary, birthdays, for your mom or dad, and more. The bouquet looks so extravagant, yet it is not extremely costly at all.


The “Laurence” Red Roses Bouquet


This arrangement is another best-seller red rose bouquet at Philflora. The beautiful thing about this is how they arranged it in a simple black box, yet it looks expensive and unique. It has fresh red roses with misty blue fillers. To add a nice and sweet touch to your surprises, they include Ferrero chocolate for you. It is found in the box pocket. It looks like you are proposing your love again and again. The price is only PHP2070. It is very cheap and worth buying.


The “Bewitching Hand-Gathered” Pink Rose Bouquet

Another one on the list of their best-selling pink rose bouquets is the "Bewitching Hand-Gathered." It comes with a very lovely, clean Chinese burlap decorated with a very creative ribbon and fillers. This bouquet costs PHP 1550. It is perfect for your beloved ones to make them feel special and worth fighting for. There are options for the wrapper for this; you can either choose Kraft Jute or Kraft Paper and other varieties of wrappers.


The “Nica” Red Rose Bouquet 


Want some arrangement that looks like it's a limited edition piece? This red rose bouquet is made for you and your loved ones. The fresh red roses, which symbolize never-ending love, are decorated with the misty blue as fillers and the love, mouthwatering, and sweetness of the Ferrero chocolates. The price is only PHP2300. Truly, it will spice up the romance between you too, and surely make your celebration even more memorable.


The “Kissable Long Stem” White Roses 

Of course, Philflora will never run out of ideas for their bouquets. They not only have the red one, but they also have a lovely and fresh set of white rose bouquet arrangements. 

White like snow, your love will grow. Want to find a bouquet with a simple arrangement yet still beautiful and eye-catching? Well, here it is. The Kissable Long Stem is always available for you. Many customers bought and chose this bouquet. For only PHP999, you will have their best-seller white rose bouquet decorated with fillers and their signature ribbon design. The popular wrapper for this is burlap, but you can also choose another wrapper for it.


The Expressive White Roses

They sell this bouquet for PHP1550. The bouquet is safely wrapped in so many different wrappers, such as black-gold or white-maroon Korean wrappers. It has 12 stems of fresh white roses. And this arrangement is perfect for giving to your teachers, mentors, parents, loved ones, and anyone who has been your supporting pillar through ups and downs in your life.


The Always, Thinking of You White Rose Bouquet

Philflora also offers a fresh white rose bouquet in a box. It is the only amazing and beautiful design for you. The bouquet is arranged using 1 dozen white roses and a simple and clean box decorated with their beautiful ribbon. You can get this for only PHP 1570.


Craving for More

The rose is beautiful, isn't it? If you want to try, order these unusual and inexpensive rose bouquets from Philflora, I'm sure you'll fall in love, as well as your sweetheart.

If you visit their website at, you can witness the beauty of the other roses and their arrangements. You can also visit their Facebook page at Philflora for proof of good service and delighted clients, as well as their current promotions.

You will never be dissatisfied with the value and quality of their products. Aren't you intrigued and curious at this point? Now is the time to purchase their items and let us know how you like them.